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Your stepping stone to Yukon wilderness adventure.

Canada’s Yukon has often been painted as a harsh, rugged, unforgiving land.

A place of great danger where tough men and women have come and hammered out a life for themselves using only the few possessions they brought with them and what their own hands formed along the way, their very lives constantly at risk. 

Now here’s the way I’ve found it to be: a gentle land blessed with abundant wildlife and resources, a true playground for grownups!

So what are you after?

A week or two floating down a pristine, wilderness river?

Or maybe an afternoon spent in search of a whopping great pike?

It’s never a bad idea to get the benefit of a little local knowledge. Bits of information such as what lure to use at what spot at what time of the year, or where the best camping and hiking or berry-picking areas can be found along the river, are boons that will enrich your precious time out in the Yukon bush.

That first night, nestled up against a spruce tree on a bank overlooking the river, sore, aching muscles from the days paddle, soaking up the warmth of the campfire while sipping river-tea, you’re going to realize what a great decision you have made!


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