may 22, 2016

This spring the ice went out much earlier than usual.  I mean, like, waaay earlier!  80 year old residents cannot remember the ice leaving the lake on the last day of April.  So very odd.  Human-caused climate change?    I don,t know about that.  One rumor stated that this happened a hundred years ago but I haven,t as yet verified that one.  What I do know is that I freakin’ love it and so do a lot of other Yukoners I could name but won,t because you probably wont know any of the types I hang around.

And the weather, so far, has been absolutely fantastic.  Yesterday we hit 23.4 Celcius, and around here that is stifling, sunbathing weather baby!  Also great fishing weather!  And the lakers are biting well along the mudline from the Nisutlin River.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hauling a couple of folks up to the first bridge on the Rose River for the start of their five day canoe trip down the Nisutlin.  I was worried the water might be too high and overflowing the banks due to all the hot weather we’ve had potentially melting the snow in the high country, but…not!  The river level was just about perfect to help push them along and make the trip a little quicker than normal.

We saw a black bear and numerous porcupines on the way up and as I returned alone I saw two more fellows on the backtrip to Teslin.

My point?  We just got blessed with an extra month this summer and I freakin’ love it Baby!  And so will you if the great weather holds and you get the opportunity to partake in some Yukon summer activities this year.

Published by Douglas Martens

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