currently, on the rivers

Well, the summer solstice is behind us now and the nights are drawing in again.  Six more shopping months til Christmas.  Glad i got that off my chest.  But, there is still a little bit of summer left!  “Use it wisely, my son, use it wisely.”

Several groups have run the Nisutlin recently and all arrived in Teslin happy and satisfied from all I can tell.  The last group from Juneau told me they had experienced 5 minutes of rain on the five day trip for which i apologized.  We Canadians are like that, always apologizing for our own existence.  And I do try to provide good weather for my guests but often fail it seems.

Yesterday I received a request to pick up some people all the way up at the arctic coast, about a thousand mile one way tour for my truck and self.  Seems they want to fly from Mayo into one of the tributaries of the Mackenzie and paddle to the confluence of the great river Mackenzie and at this point, start the kicker and run the rest on hydrocarbons.  I applaud  this idea and have used it successfully once on the Big Salmon River, which passes through amazing scenery and then hauls you through a hundred mile somewhat tedious flood plain.  Still a nice part of the trip but no comparison to the mountainous portion and these days, some mighty nice little four-stroke outboards exist which are extremely light and easy to haul until needed.  Being able to run a hundred miles on a cup of gas is also, *deep booming voice* “good for the environment”

As for fishing, I almost stepped on a pike warming himself in about four inches of water.  He gave a flip and glided off while I assessed his fillets for width length and health.  When I do this with women I get some odd responses but the fish dont seem to care at all.

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