What exactly makes a photograph “great?”
What does it take to catch and hold the eye to a scene, in a world where enormous volumes of images compete for attention? Is it beauty, ugliness, action or something more? Is it an intangible quality which deeply stirs human emotion?

Carole Lauener, is trained in photojournalism and has experience working in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and China and in her native Switzerland. She frequently travels and has spent considerable periods of time in Malaysia, the USA, Western Canada and Europe. She is fluent in English, german, Swiss-German and French. She is knowledgeable in street, people, landscape, sports and reportage photography. Still better, she enjoys meeting and entertaining people with an interest in photography.


“For me a good picture must catch my interest. This can be by an unusual/unexpected view on an everyday scene (can be composed/planned to a certain degree), by a decisive moment when objects and/or people come together at the right time on the right spot (most of the time this cannot be planned but is owed to the luck and readiness of the photographer), by humour or by emotions or feelings/mood provoked through the image.

But for me a beautiful picture is not necessarily a great picture. Cause for me it might lack the unexpected, the humour, the message or it doesn’t transport any emotion/mood. And so in order to keep my passion, my excitement for photography I need to throw myself in situations and places where I can’t control what is going to happen next. Where I have to be awake and react, where I also have to interact with people. Only then I’m at work with my full heart and my senses wide open. And that is probably what it takes to get images that evoke emotions in the viewer later.”

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