hard to believe


Looking out the window at the drifting snow and the “roosters of the north”: (ravens) all bundled up, it seems impossible that in a few more weeks,  like maybe 12? we won’t be gabbing about taking the boat out of storage, but doing it in real time!

It”s always a little scary the first time I put the boats in the lake and crank the engine after a winter of sitting around in 30 and forty below.  Will she start?  Will she run?  But so far, all my worries, almost, have been in vain.  Running the engine dry of fuel before putting it away for the winter seems to do the trick nicely, cleaning the fuel system dry so there is nothing to turn to gum over the long winter months.

So if your thoughts are turning to spring and the Yukon, give me a call and let’s put a trip together.  I’m a flexible man, not like in my youth, but still flexible.  Over the last couple of decades I’ve had the privilege of helping to organize all manner of outdoor trips in the Yukon, from fly in  trips, fishing on various lakes and rivers, to water pickups from the end of Teslin Lake, to one pickup at the McKenzie Delta on the Peel River, a mighty long drive from Teslin!

And since my overhead is low, low, low..  (Dont drink, gamble, smoke, drug or swear much) I can offer you a rate that is, well, competitive at least.  (Isn’t that the word they all use, competitive? Maybe cutthroat would be more descriptive….”Its a dog eat dog world out there and I’m wearing milkbone underwear”)

So good day and God bless as you plan your next adventure and remember: “Without a vision the people perish”  Happy visioning as you make your plans.

Published by Douglas Martens

"What can you say when your mind is a total blank?"

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