its common enough for things to go poorly at first


​The forty horse Johnson was an excellent motor back in 1942 or whenever it was carved, but decades of living nowhere near any unplumbed water had gummed the carburetor with petroleum distillate residue.

The two American good old boys, sat sullenly as their “guide” pulled the starter cord repeatedly until the motor burped and sputtered grudingly to life, we’d troll for a few seconds and repeat the process. Eventually, one of them took pity on me and waved both arms in a downward, sweeping motion.  A man of few words, “Take us in,” was all he said.
And at the dock, he thrust a 20 in my direction and gave me this truly priceless advice: “Get yourself some equipment.”

Well, short story short, I took his advice and the next fishermen enjoyed themselves much more as the 30 yamaha pushed us along without the annnoying clatter. 18 years of guiding later, and I have never regretted having a reliable motor on a boat.

Boats are a bit like airplanes in that, while saving money is always tempting, the quality of the motor is prolly the worst place on which to economize. You can always walk away from your car…

These days Teslin lake is slowly showing signs of letting go the icy grip of winter. Most is still ice-covered  but there is a large open pool below the bridge and the ice is ready for the next  big storm to pile it up on distant shores around the lake

I know my hooks could use some washing…​

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