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“Gun’s dont kill people, people kill people.”  Partly true.  If guns killed people with no “assistance” then these fingers wouldnt be tickling these keys right now, because i have spent a lot of time in the enjoyable company of guns and they have yet to do me any physical harm…thankfully!

But, nevertheless, here’s an idea for you inventive types.  And if you could find a way to do it, your business would explode in a very good way.  Jails could be emptied, doctors could take up fly-fishing, and armies all over the world would be rendered impotent.

But this article is actually being written for the younger or less experienced hunter/gatherers out and about this fall.  And not even touching on the matter of accidental discharges, accidental killings/woundings of fellow hunters and jogging drug dealers, there is a lot to be considered when it comes to guns and wildlife.

Its pretty obvious that it does the hunting community no good to have deer limping around with a leg blown off, an eye missing or a big dried bloody patch of hide on their sides.  And no one goes out with the intention of wounding and losing an animal.. but it is an unfortunate reality.

You hunt for three days and there he stands, unaware you are there.  The shot looks a bit far but you cant see how you could get closer.  Afraid your animal will suddenly disappear you quickly take the shot and hear the whup! of the bullet hitting flesh.  The deer staggers forward, you reload and fire… a miss.  A few hours later and you’re still looking stupidly  amongst the leaves for the next blood spot and the next while considering the misery you’ve caused one of God’s fine creatures…

Who wants this to happen? No one.  If the animal is recovered, good for you.  If not, you may require the unsend feature i just installed on my own rifle.  I think I’ll leave it there as a constant reminder to only fire that thing when it is absolutely safe to do so and i am certain i can make a clean kill on an animal needed for human consumption. 

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