time to work!

We’re well into the new year now, and like my old camp boss Scotty used to say when i stated the obvious, “your powers of observation never cease to amaze me!”

‘Nother obvious truth at theis point is that some of us who are not independently wealthy need to get back to work!  My *clears throat, puffs out chest* long decades in the yukon have convinced me that the best time to leave the territory is about the end of october and the best time to return is the middle of january.  That way, its possible to miss a lot of the wet sloppy conditions of November and also the shortest days of the year in Decemburrr, and about every winter i have stayed, there is a tremendous warm spell which appears in the end of January.  Then, in February the temperature drops significantly but every day you see an increase in the hours of daylight, the northern lights are often spectacular and the sky is generally clear all the way until sometime in April or May.  At least, that’s my observation.  In fact, it’s a little sad to see the stream of tourists appear on the road in June fully expecting to experience summer in the north, and well, not quite yet!  Usually June is wet and even cooler than May and then the mosquitoes get busy sharpening their needles for the summer’s activities..

Of course, this is only my observation and you should probably pay no attention to it whatsoever, but for my ten bucks worth, (inflation even takes a bite out of our cliches) that’s what i think.  And i must say I’m pleased with the last two months in south Saskatchewan, though it’s admittedly not all that far to the south of my residence in Teslin.  The photography went well as did virtually all of the visiting and in 2 months you cant ask for more!

I close this abridged  “rant” now with a few random samples of South Saskatchewan beauty.  Hope you enjoy!  Next stop: back home in Teslin and back to work.  Feel free to contact me anytime with your travel plans for the summer!

Published by Douglas Martens

"What can you say when your mind is a total blank?"

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