currently in  canoeing


It’s getting on in the year and although the weather is less than super attractive the heat is sure to arrive when the sun starts spending 20 hours a day overhead! 

Canoe-tripping was for me one of the greatest discoveries in the north. After exhausting myself for awhile on numerous mountain climbs and hikes through tangled brush and enormous physical effort only to find the lawn-like appearance on the mountaintop was a lie, and the huge boulders and rocks took over where the willows stopped making passage challenging, what a relief to discover the canoe!

Dutch oven, rifle, any amount of photography gear, extra warm sleeping bag, spare clothes and raingear all stowed easily in there! As if that were not advantage enough, the river pushed me along whether I plied the paddle or abstained! And better still, the visibility, the nearness to clean drinking water, perfect campsites, and the wildlife sightings increased!

Canoes help you cover more ground, and are a great way to see country inaccessible from the road. There are spots available for guided and non canoe trips. You know what to do.

Published by Douglas Martens

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