its  not  about the fish

Had a wonderful three days on the water with the Morton Family. On the final day, we were making our way back to the dock when Mr Morton thanked me for making the trip possible. He asked me if I know what this means for him, connecting with three generations like this. He spoke of family outings in the wild and how its a neutral place away from controversy where people start talking again.

So I said, ‘its not about the fish, is it?”

​And he answered, “No, it isn’t.”

Earlier I’d mentioned that a country song had a line in it that will hang with me awhile, it went something like, “when its all said and done all we have are the memories”.  Well, this family and me too will cherish the memories of this trip.  We nicknamed the youngest in the crew, the one accused of being greedy because he caught so many fish, “Taylor the Slayer”.

We had an excellent shore lunch of lake trout and the super potato salad my daughter Aiyana had stayed up so late to prepare, out there below the mountain, the boat pulled up on a sandy beach, the lake as calm as glasses, and the whole scene buried in gorgeous yukon splendor.

So, if its really true that all we have left in the end are the memories, at least we made a few good ones those days i guess!

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