fishermen  are   the best people

Seems it’s been awhile since I put a few thoughts on my blog. I’m not on a time schedule and I don’t want to pollute the internet with obligatory phrases, sentences and words more than it already is. You’re welcome!

Gold and silver are starting to hit their own, with silver up around 3 percent on the day, but still, they are just dead rocks and don’t pay dividends and are an archaic relics of long-dead civilizations, so there is that.

Still, gold was for sale at 35 bucks an ounce in 1971 and today a one ounce canadian coin rings in at over 2,100 an ounce, so a case can be made for it holding its buying power against a steadily degrading currency, which is the true root of the inflationary plant, not so much business-owner greed as so many suppose, imagine and believe…

Now for some commentary on the real yukon gold…Fishing! It’s been a great summer! The “moisture” we received was at times unpleasant, but way less so than the alternatives in this region: drought, dry lightning strikes and towering infernos, so we’ll just save that stuff for the apocolypse and don a rainjacket or two shall we and just go fishin’.

A highlight of the summer for sure was having Bruce and his lifelong friend Danny up here from Missouri for four days of action-packed fishing. It’s impossible not to have a good time with those two!
Soon as we met I knew this was going to be fun: Danny introduced himself by saying “I’m in good shape for 81 but I’m 74” and “been married 51 years…. four women” (my math memory might be off by a woman or two but you get the drift and God bless anyone with a sense of humor these days.) From the “don’t make a scene!” when I tried to pay the restaurant tab to the “you go mushroom picking, that’s who you’d want with you” in reference to an extremely elderly, hunched over woman, it was a real blast.

In four days we caught I imagine hundreds of pike, a good number of grayling and one lonely lake trout, and a bit of seasickness. It can get a bit rough on the main part of teslin lake; let’s just leave it at that.  

Anyway, Sure wouldn’t mind having those guys onboard  again sometime, what a blast they are!  Sorry to see their taillights!
Fishermen are the best people!

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