here’s what separates the men from the boys!

Went out on a hike today. I covered about 5 miles or so, 8 kms for you kanuckistanian readers out there. It’s just a neat experience to see the trail going past with the sunlight streaming through the branches, the snow crunching loudly underfoot, catching a glimpse of a mouse trail, pine marten tracks, lynx tracks made as he carefully slipped silently through the subarctic stillness, maybe a wolf out looking for a squealing snack of fresh hare.

Thinking about another hike tonight in the full moonlight. 40 below just does something for me, seeing your breath the moment it leaves your face, and I’m glad to see our brand spanking new carbon tax is having a real effect yeahright.

And just imagine all those polar bears out there all huddled together for warmth and shivering in their boxer shorts, waiting for spring… kinda sad isn’t it?

Published by Douglas Martens

"What can you say when your mind is a total blank?"

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