after midnight…

when a bit of sunshine hits ye, after passing of a cloud;

when a bit of laughter hits ye, and yer spine is feelin’ proud;

don’t forget to up and fling it, at a soul that’s feelin’ blue;

fer the minute that ya fling it, it’s a boomerang fer yew!”

Demi and Clarke were pretty bummed about the virus, quarantining and watching the news all day and everyday, and after their evening meal they thought it might be good to handwash the dishes in bleach water rather than use the dishwasher. And after they had this done, they became afraid to dry the dishes with a towel, because well, you just never know, do you? So, they decided to hang the dishes outside on the line. Then they forgot all about it and went to bed. About two in the morning, Demi frantically woke Clarke saying, ” Clarke I really think there must be a burglar outside. Sounds like he is stealing tools in the shop!!!” But Clarke just opened one eye and said, “I hear it too but it is a bit windy now and i think it is just a pan Demi.”

Published by Douglas Martens

"What can you say when your mind is a total blank?"

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