the great… disconnect

The great reset disconnect…

It has been pointed out that a spruce tree is a better survivor in an ice storm than is, to pick an example, a poplar, and why is that so? The boughs of the spruce sweep downwards and are designed to flex under load, and so, their load of ice and snow, when it becomes too heavy to bear, slips effortlessly off the bough and plunges harmlessly to earth.

Not so, the frozen poplar or birch, which insists on supporting the ever-increasing load in a great display of fiberous muscle until a disastrous cracking, tearing  of the branch results in a de-limbed tree or even at times an ex-tree.

And without beating to death what is happening to whole nations before our collective eyes globally, (much as I would like to, with a blunt and heavy instrument of some kind, maybe a sliding lead-weighted baseball bat for example) i’d like to rather pose the question of coping mechanisms. What are some and how can we make some of that work to our advantage and starve the rampaging debt-beast a bit in the process?

Our debt-fueled global pajama party is coming to an end as the world’s currencies continue their boeing max 777 full frontal swan-dive back to their original point of origin. As this occurs, prices of everything can be expected to continue to skyrocket, zimbabwe-style, making wallpaper out of our cash.

In many ways, I find myself in an enviable situation as this all unfolds, being surrounded as I am with a resource rich wilderness, resources mostly untapped. So how am I proceeding through these deliberately imposed “challenging times” of ours?

I’m doing a bit of an experiment actually. I detest and abhor the thought of having to don the holy rag so vehemently, that I haven’t entered a place of business in about 2 weeks, ever since the rag of virtuous sanitization became mandatory here in the yukon of all places.  And just to repeat repeat , this is experimental on my part and we shall see just how far a stubborn old fool is willing to take this but I have known for decades that we are not nearly as dependent on credit cards and stores, banks and our great over-watchers as is generally believed. In fact, I see no particular reason that someone willing to make the effort, could not live a full and satisfying life without ever touching a credit card again.

I’ve lost you now for sure, haven’t I?

Please humor me by allowing me to point out that 200 years ago right here in Teslin, there were no banks, no gas stations, no stores, and certainly no atms and credit cards. In fact, the village was located in a totally different spot, and the waterways were the highways of the time.

The outside world was a mystery with perhaps only a faint whisper of what sort of things were beginning to take place in distant lands to the south. And yet people, humans, tlingits, related to the coastal version, lived, laughed, traded, swam, reproduced, hunted and fished and usually ate their fill even way back then, and the resources they used are all still all available today, minus their skillsets and knowledge of course, which is a problem for us for sure, and yet…

Would it still be possible to live this way today?  Can a person live today, divorced from banking, tap-payments, bags of air with a few chips rattling around forlornly inside of them (the bags I mean)?

Maybe it’s time we give it go, or at least begin to slowly wean ourselves off the twin teats of government and credit dependency?

Another example from my home region: Back in the 80’s there was a fellow who made his way north, and despising or fearing the intentions of the authorities, (debatedly the very definition of insanity or sanity based on your personal viewpoint) lived ten years in the remoteness of the northern british Columbian rockies, with only scarce contact (sometimes fatal) meetings with his fellow man. He was feared and not quite as stable an individual as might be desired, but insane is not the term I would use to describe a man who survived without outiside assistance for ten years in raw wilderness: quite a feat for a raving lunatic, wouldn’t you say?  So although he wasn’t the type you let play with your kids unattended perhaps, he does offer the proof that yes, it can still be done.

And consider this: if all the currency in the world disappeared in a massive poof of digits, could we survive? What is money after all but a symbol of some tangible thing, some amount of work or some product perhaps which we wish to trade for that which we need or want, so that we don’t have to barter directly? It is merely a convenient temporary store of wealth isn’t it? Easier to carry around in one’s pocket than a goat or a cow for example?

And to carry this further, if money ceased to exist, look around at all the things we have today which were totally unavailable to those Tlingits living here 250 years ago! Houses, highways, bicycles and boats, rifles, nets and fishing tackle, books, coats, boots and pajamas. Nice place to start of again with nothing, hmm?

Short story long, then, here are some moves I am making along with a few which are just in the formative stages, and I must add, I’m not going full on MAX swan-dive, no parachute at this point so:

– I’ve just dried about 20 clumps of bananas, slicing them lengthwise, amazing how much a banana can shrink!

– Being more or less self- banned from normal restaurant dining I’m doing a lot more cooking. My freezer is full of meat, fish, wild fruit, rhubarb. Time I ate some of it and you know what, it tastes pretty good !

– I am hardly driving at all these days, except to make deliveries of firewood and making every trip count when I do use it by backhauling and accomplishing multiple tasks at once, a thing i have had to do for years now, but i mention it all the same.

– What shopping I have done in the last month has been done in 2 big chunks instead of my usual daily trots to the market. Consider buying in bulk, even if you have to borrow to do so, when the price is right and the item not perishable.

– Gardening is going to figure ever bigger in my life. I enjoy it and have successfully grown even peppers here in my greenhouse north of 60. I brought my tomato plants inside, it is now December 11 and I still enjoy the odd cherry tomato!

– Barter baby barter! And why not. So many things lie around here unused and unloved, not to mention the many land-based materials which can be converted into things I  need, even store stuff perhaps at times.

– I’m planning to acquire a bit more equipment, welder, lathe, milling machine perhaps because I enjoy metal-working and have a background in it.

Here’s the thing: the more often you reach for the leather, the more you have to work and the happier you make the rothschilds and the rockefellers and the more justification you provide for your govt to further indebt your country, enslaving the children forever. (Always Think of the childern!!!)

Which is awfully nice of you but what else could you be doing with the time you’ve freed up by providing for your own needs and those of your local neighborhood directly?

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"What can you say when your mind is a total blank?"

2 thoughts on “the great… disconnect

  1. You’re a good writer Doug! You’re lucky to live in a spot where you can be so self-sufficient, and I have no doubt that you could live without money – no problem at all – for many years! City slickers like myself…not sure I would make it more than a week or two 🙂


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