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Greetings from Teslin!

Some may have noticed that i have deleted facebook, twitter,  and whatsap.

Social media used to keep me company and i found a lot of the content interesting and stimulating but lately the views of the people i enjoy following have been restricted by the giant social media companies like facebook twitter etc to the point where i feel like i am just talking to myself, and i can do that without a computer, anytime i want to, so why should i bother posted things to gigantic companies just so they can restrict any type of thought they happen to disagree with at the moment or sell my personal information for their own profit.  Unfortunately, this decision of mine also applies to whatsap which has been acquired by facebook, and they are calling for all of my data to be transferred to facebook as well which i do not want to see happen and i thought it best to just delete the whole shootin’ match.  

So, with all that out of the way, I am about to attempt a trip to alberta despite the damn rules. I tried to get my tires replaced before the trip but the tire shop messed up and didn’t have the tires they said they had and so i’ll have to make the trip on these old ones and hope for the best.   The winter has been long and isolated and the depth of snow is amazing. They say it’s a record year for snowfall.  

My daughter will be here for the period of time i’m gone, with her boyfriend, Jake, who managed to get into the yukon the very day before he would have been required to quarantine for two weeks in a hotel chosen by the govt.  So far they’ve spent a weekend here and i have taken them icefishing, unsuccessful for fish but successful for fun!  It’s a bit tough watching a young couple trying to manage in the current situation.  Hopefully having a place to stay that’s warm with lots of food and things to do will help them and i’m glad to have someone here with popcorn the cat while i am away.

I have been compromising to get along with people of different viewpoints all of my life.  Perhaps lately, I am becoming more extreme in my views and less willing to bend with whatever wind is blowing at the moment.  Some people might call that “strength”. Others prefer other less complimentary terms.  Yesterday i totally refused to wear a mask when paying for fuel and everyone else in the gas station was masked and the attendant almost refused to take my money in payment for the fuel i pumped into the truck.  In the end, i won the fight, paid for my fuel and walked out and it felt GOOD!

So perhaps, SOCIETY will make an extremist out of me in the end.  That will be the leaderships doing, not mine. I was happily running my business and not very happily paying my fees, taxes and progress penalties, but i was not being a non-compliant idiot for no reason.  That may change in the future because i am completely done with following useless rules just to stay out of trouble.  I am not some little kid, or a dog to be ordered around.  I am a 61 year old, hard working man with way too much experience and a few skills who is capable of making his own judgements on what is terribly dangerous and what is being used as a tool to give power-crazy fools more control over a terrified and befuddled public.

My own solution has been to refuse to read articles or follow “news” about the plague of death since the very beginning. This policy has served me very well and i highly recommend you do the same. The vast majority of the major news outlets are owned by the same few individuals, individuals with personal agendas to advance. Let me put it this way: do you think it’s possible that money has something to do with any of this?

Some other things i have found helpful in getting through this man made challenging time include what some call self-reliance. The less you hire out your work to others the simpler life becomes. One positive for me has been the realization that a huge portion of my busy ness was being created by unnecessary purchases. It is truly amazing the number of things we buy which can be much more economically produced at home.

Just walking around saves a fortune in fuel and you know what? It’s easier than getting a heart transplant at 46.

My personal grocery budget this winter has hovered around about a hundred bucks a month. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that i have a freezer full of moose meat, and a pantry stocked with dried mushrooms i picked last sumer, frozen berries, garden produce etc. But hey, it’s not a bad idea to use some of that up for later replacement anyway, right?

Some western movie i once watched got me laughing when the cowboy was asked how he’s doing and he replied, “not bad since i gave up hope”. We all “hope” things will get better, that the restrictions will be lifted, and the humans will begin moving around again like their wild animal brethren have never stopped doing since insane bill needles made his first grandiose pronouncements, but as long as the teevee keeps warning us of impending doom, i don’t hold out a lot of hope, unless… enough people take a scattergun to their screens and get outside and take a walk, or catch a fish, or hanglide into a snowblower…

I guess as someone once said, ‘Hope is great…as long as it isn’t false hope” 

Spring blessings to you all, and if you like please subscribe to these newsletters of mine. Most likely there won’t be but one or two a month at the most because i plan to be out there a lot this summer!

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