In addition to providing fishing  and canoe tripping services, there are several guest rooms  on the property… There are three bedrooms  on the upper floor of the main building with a common bath.  There are single and double beds.  An 8 by 10 log cabin/sauna  is suitable for overnight or a longer stay.     

As for alternative accomodations, the Yukon Motel at is right next door and just down the hill from Nisutlin Outfitting.  In addition, the Nisutlin Trading Post, directly across the Alaska Highway, offers rooms, a general store, and services.  So, if it is in your interests to stick around Teslin awhile, any one of these three alternatives should meet your needs.  As for camping around the community of Teslin, there are some nice spots which are boat accessible but other than that, at this point the community is not overly accomodating to campers, except to offer a Yukon government campground ten miles to the west beside the Alaska Highway.

Canoes and Boats are  available for rent but paddlers are advised to stay off the main lake and paddle only near the shore as winds may rise at any time.  Also the water of Teslin Lake is extremely cold and a dump any distance from shore could easily prove fatal.  This is true of all of the northern waters and many southern ones as well!   The issue is hypothermia.  The cold temperature of the water draws the heat from the body rapidly.   Always carry a lighter and know how to quickly build a fire in the event of a watery emergency!

Nisutlin Outfitting is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Teslin. When you finish your trip down the Nisutlin you are going to be craving a bison burger and fries, or a blueberry pie or something…for sure and for certain. The Yukon Motel is just a short stroll down the hill. If it’s a bag of chips you “need” the local grocery store is a hundred meters away. ATMs, the post office, a TD bank are all right here. The yard itself has ample room for parking your vehicle during your trip and there is no additional charge for this service. 

Have you always wanted to sleep in a log cabin? Now’s your chance!  

Will you want a shower when you leave your week-long canoe trip? Definitely! 
Would you prefer to call Whitehorse and wait for your pickup or rather have it waiting by the shore when you arrive? 

Another service provided is our shuttle and driver service. Perhaps it’s to your advantage to have one of our reliable drivers drop you at the put in and drive your own vehicle back to Teslin. All possible!! We’re here to help you make the most of your stay in the Yukon!

rooms: (non-aggressive pets are all welcome!)

upstairs rooms with common bath/shower(dbl occupancy): 100

small log cabin/sauna: 60


Maybe you have your own boat and simply need transportation for self and gear? Shuttles are available at $1.50/km.

Call anytime!

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