In addition to providing canoe tripping services, there are several guest rooms  on the property… There are three bedrooms  on the upper floor of the main building with a common bath.  There are single and double beds.  An 8 by 10 log cabin/sauna  is suitable for overnight or a longer stay.     

Canoes and boats are available but paddlers are advised to stay off the main parts of the lake and stay near shore as winds may arise at any time.  Also the water of Teslin Lake is extremely cold and a dump any distance from shore could easily prove fatal.  This is true of all of the northern waters and many southern ones as well!   The issue is hypothermia.  The cold temperature of the water draws the heat from the body rapidly.   Always carry a lighter and know how to quickly build a fire in the event of a watery emergency!

Maybe you have your own boat and simply need transportation for self, friends and gear for your river trip? Shuttles available.

Just drop me a text at 867-334-7364.

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