canada is losing its mind

This story encapsulates for us all the ludicrous absurdity of the assertion that the authorities are “keeping us all safe”. Obviously, no one is safe in the world they are creating and here is the proof. Some reading these words have never experienced 30 below Celcius so please allow me to “splain” what it’s like.Continue reading “canada is losing its mind”

if war is peace does no mean yes?

What if corruption, theft, murder, rot and deception were to become so commonplace that honest healthy, hard-working types came to be seen as diseased freaks crying out for their own destruction and elimination ? We already have Phase 1 of this program reaching completion in our corporate media/governance system so it isn’t that great a stretchContinue reading “if war is peace does no mean yes?”

the truth is a conspiracy theory

Someone has pointed out that the truth is like poetry: no one wants to bloody listen to it. But unlike poetry, fortunately the truth can normally be silenced with a simple pair of words, indicating the speaker is about a half a bubble off plumb, and a rampant consumer of tinfoil, oh hahaha. Yet, wereContinue reading “the truth is a conspiracy theory”

don’t laff it could happen to you!

“all who trust in their riches will fall.” In my days of guiding i have encountered a very few individuals whom i would count as “arrogant”. It’s not a label anyone would choose for herself but rather, it is normally applied to people against their personal wishes. Recognizing this, most adopt a stance of openContinue reading “don’t laff it could happen to you!”