the truth is a conspiracy theory

Someone has pointed out that the truth is like poetry: no one wants to bloody listen to it. But unlike poetry, fortunately the truth can normally be silenced with a simple pair of words, indicating the speaker is about a half a bubble off plumb, and a rampant consumer of tinfoil, oh hahaha. Yet, wereContinue reading “the truth is a conspiracy theory”

don’t laff it could happen to you!

“all who trust in their riches will fall.” In my days of guiding i have encountered a very few individuals whom i would count as “arrogant”. It’s not a label anyone would choose for herself but rather, it is normally applied to people against their personal wishes. Recognizing this, most adopt a stance of openContinue reading “don’t laff it could happen to you!”

the latest blah blah blah

Greetings from Teslin! Some may have noticed that i have deleted facebook, twitter,  and whatsap. Social media used to keep me company and i found a lot of the content interesting and stimulating but lately the views of the people i enjoy following have been restricted by the giant social media companies like facebook twitterContinue reading “the latest blah blah blah”

the berry-pickin’ fool

Pandemic practise does have it’s side benefits it seems, as a couple of enjoyable days spent with my lovely daughter demonstrated recently. On the first day we visited my old fishing grounds and returned with a few nice pike fillets, which, after removing the fillets and the y-bones from the fillets, we put through theContinue reading “the berry-pickin’ fool”

you could learn a lot from starvation! I did.

I learned some excellent lessons back in 1980 which have made a big difference in my decision-making ability, and even though i have made a lot of terrible decisions in the intervening years, there are still a few lessons i have not forgotten, and doubt i ever will… The winter of 1980 was a badContinue reading “you could learn a lot from starvation! I did.”