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editor’s note:

It is no longer possible to ignore the fact that the decision-makers in our country, as in so many others, have gone three sheets to the wind in “guaranteeing our safety”.

2020 was a complete disaster for the tourism industry in the Yukon, as it was elsewhere, and as of the end of February, 2021, there is still no indication things will return to anything approaching normalcy this year.

Personally, i have been thriving during this time due to the firewood i have been able to sell to those who seem to like to be warm for some strange reason here in the subarctic wilderness. And i normally have a good time inside my head no matter what the temporary outer circumstances may appear to be.

I have refused any governmental assistance to this point and fully intend to continue to refuse, whether due to an inborn stubborn independent streak, or due to sanity and clarity of purpose, or some combination thereof i can not say…

With all that said, things will be run a bit differently this season . I do not intend to maintain my license for guiding at this point due to the likelihood of continuing paternalistic policies by our well-meaning decision-makers. Some of you i know personally, having guided you in the past, and i would enjoy the opportunity to fish with you again, if you can make it past the borders with sufficient time availability for a trip of some kind. I will be offering such trips on a gratis basis this year, with no formal charge for my services.

Self-guided canoe trips will still be available, either using my canoes or your own.

Hope to see you again this summer my dear friends!!


Guided Fishing

Self-guided float trips

(Prices below include canoe rental, transportation to drop-off point, pick-up from landing point and tons of helpful hints!

Nisutlin River from Portage to Teslin: 600

Teslin River from Carmacks to Johnsons Crossing: 800

Big Salmon River from Quiet Lake to Carmacks: 900

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