unsend button installed

“Gun’s dont kill people, people kill people.”  Partly true.  If guns killed people with no “assistance” then these fingers wouldnt be tickling these keys right now, because i have spent a lot of time in the enjoyable company of guns and they have yet to do me any physical harm…thankfully! But, nevertheless, here’s an ideaContinue reading “unsend button installed”

the misguided guide guiding the guided

​Most of us who live and work in the outdoors have heard a terrible guide story or two, you know the one where the guide does everything wrong with predicatible results.  He is stubborn, wont listen to reason, and can’t wait to get back to his woman and his bottle of hooch. But whats itContinue reading “the misguided guide guiding the guided”

its common enough for things to go poorly at first

​The forty horse Johnson was an excellent motor back in 1942 or whenever it was carved, but decades of living nowhere near any unplumbed water had gummed the carburetor with petroleum distillate residue. The two American good old boys, sat sullenly as their “guide” pulled the starter cord repeatedly until the motor burped and sputteredContinue reading “its common enough for things to go poorly at first”

what do you do in the winter?

We’re out on the water.  Its a beautiful day and as we wait for the next violent tug on the line, I’m asked the inevitable question: “What do you do in the winter?”  Well nobody is going to believe i’m a model  or a brain surgeon so i tell them the truth!  I’m a firewoodContinue reading “what do you do in the winter?”

currently, on the rivers

Well, the summer solstice is behind us now and the nights are drawing in again.  Six more shopping months til Christmas.  Glad i got that off my chest.  But, there is still a little bit of summer left!  “Use it wisely, my son, use it wisely.” Several groups have run the Nisutlin recently and allContinue reading “currently, on the rivers”