fishermen  are   the best people

Seems it’s been awhile since I put a few thoughts on my blog. I’m not on a time schedule and I don’t want to pollute the internet with obligatory phrases, sentences and words more than it already is. You’re welcome! Gold and silver are starting to hit their own, with silver up around 3 percentContinue reading “fishermen  are   the best people”

currently   in the river

“If only there were a way to get the current out of the river…” Well, there is they tell me! But that’s another story. Things are pretty peaceful in Teslin, not much going on to rattle your doors here at the moment, and even the ravens have fallen silent as the darkness of winter descends onContinue reading “currently   in the river”

currently in  canoeing

It’s getting on in the year and although the weather is less than super attractive the heat is sure to arrive when the sun starts spending 20 hours a day overhead!  Canoe-tripping was for me one of the greatest discoveries in the north. After exhausting myself for awhile on numerous mountain climbs and hikes throughContinue reading “currently in  canoeing”