cheers ‘n’ jeers

The Morton Family
“Teslin Lake is one of my favourite places to fish throughout North America. I wanted a lifetime memory for my son and his son and Doug provided experiences that far exceeded any of our expectations. He knows the lake and knows where the fish are.”
“Our experience with Doug was one that our family will remember for our entire lives. His knowledge of Teslin Lake and the surrounding areas is unparalleled and our hooks got a workout. I caught my personal best fish and will forever cherish the experience. Thank you.”
                                                                                                             -Ken Jr.
“Our fishing excursion gave me the rare opportunity to get closer to my father and grandfather. My whole life I’ve dreamed of catching pike. Doug ensured that dream could come to fruition. His relaxed and friendly manner fit perfectly with our group and his expertise helped to make this easily my favourite fishing trip of all time.”

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