2020 hindsight

2020 hindsight

  • Predictions are easy, except when they are about the future.

  • One thing we can all be totally sure of: the future is uncertain.
  • There is no time like the present to review the past.

  • The reason God made time was so that everything wouldn’t happen at once.

The future has always been a bit intimidating. It’s just not possible to know a lot about it, and only a fool or someone with real the true prophetic abilities of George Orwell ever dares to talk about it, and my mamma didn’t raise no fools!

All we can know for sure is there are reasons for apprehension going into the new year and there are reasons for optimism and in the balance, I’m going with optimism!  I’m optimistic that we are in for a rough ride here in north America due to the profligate spending and consumption habits of govts gone wild!  They seem to have the idea that printing presses can make a nation wealthy and so their central banks “spew out fetticini” of paper currency in vain attempts at “stimulation”.

To see the great folly of this, just imagine the land buried under 100 dollar bills to a depth of 30 feet. Wouldn’t the bills be totally worthless? What could you buy with one? Who would want one?

So this might be the great lesson of 2020, the year where we finally gain the hindsight to see the great folly of ditching the gold standard in 1971, the year where we realize that what makes money valuable is its rarity, not it’s abundance! The year where we realize you can’t print wealth onto paper. The year where it dawns on our foggy carbon-clogged brains that eggs and fish and land and ships and trains are wealth and paper is only useful for communication and “personal hygiene”. Let’s hope so because if we still don’t get it, we may just never catch on.

In view of the inevitable financial fail that awaits us all the survivalist culture seems to be steaming along quite well and gaining some mainstream acceptance. Should we all get apocalypsed in 2020, it may be necessary to have some supplies on hand, and more importantly, to know what exactly is edible and what will result in extreme gastric bloating, how to build an effective fire by rubbing 2 sticks together yeah right, and what to do with minor and major wounds when the nearest doctor is in Tokyo removing radiation from people with chopsticks.

For my part I hope to include some articles on these topics in 2020 so I hope you will check back, comment andor sign up for email delivery of my latest scribblings! So bless your dear heart  this Christmas and may 2020 be the year where your hindsight is perfect and your foresight simply stunning!

Fishermen are the best people! 

Doug Martens

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