the latest blah blah blah

Greetings from Teslin! Some may have noticed that i have deleted facebook, twitter,  and whatsap. Social media used to keep me company and i found a lot of the content interesting and stimulating but lately the views of the people i enjoy following have been restricted by the giant social media companies like facebook twitterContinue reading “the latest blah blah blah”

the berry-pickin’ fool

Pandemic practise does have it’s side benefits it seems, as a couple of enjoyable days spent with my lovely daughter demonstrated recently. On the first day we visited my old fishing grounds and returned with a few nice pike fillets, which, after removing the fillets and the y-bones from the fillets, we put through theContinue reading “the berry-pickin’ fool”

you could learn a lot from starvation! I did.

I learned some excellent lessons back in 1980 which have made a big difference in my decision-making ability, and even though i have made a lot of terrible decisions in the intervening years, there are still a few lessons i have not forgotten, and doubt i ever will… The winter of 1980 was a badContinue reading “you could learn a lot from starvation! I did.”

low level learning: report

shortened attention spa In a recently-released study by the LLL Institute (low level learning) it was determined that people in general cannot maintain focus on a monologue which lasts longer than 30 minutes. According to senior fellow Douglas Martens, it was determined that after only ten minutes of his informative dissertations on any topic, listenersContinue reading “low level learning: report”