fiat is finished

perhaps the nomadic way of life is destined to return?

While it is true that there has always been a gap between the privileged and the less so, the time has come to recognize that our present system of central banks printing debt from thin air and charging interest on it with no possible means of repayment of the debt or the interest built into it has reached the end of its uselessness.

For a preview of just what awaits us here in north america, i would invite you to visit this webcast, especially the second half, where a citizen-journalist describes what he found there in Venezuela in real time, minus the spin of the media-outlets. especially intriguing was the guest’s assertion that the people are not in a position to use bitcoin and escape the bolivar trap in which they find themselves.

Quite understandable because no phone, no data plan, no electricity or difficult to find and use. Let alone the purchase price of the bitcoin in the first place. Perhaps the day will come when bitcoin will be printed on a plastic card similar to a credit card, easily loadable and “transactable” through machines throughout the cities.

But money is perhaps not the best solution to poverty in the first place. people in most cases need nothing more than opportunity in order to better themselves. a piece of raw land near resources convertible into shelter and food is about all that’s needed. Were not all civilizations built from this simple basis?

My own family for instance, escaped southern russia just before the bolshevik revolution took hold and came to a piece of raw land in Saskatchewan, where they developed a viable farming operation and became a functioning part of Canada’s tax base. This was over a hundred years ago and the farm is still in production today. Perhaps your last piece of pizza had it’s start as a wheat seed on this farm. No welfare state existed at the time so it was a simple case of do or die for them and they made it work because the alternative was much too bitter to bear.

Today, there is a new word in circulation, or rather a phrase, “bifurcation of the economy” it is called. We live in a time and place where mere money-printing has enslaved huge populations of people, through the banking industry and even through their governments as politicians in democracies have resorted to borrowing to satisfy the demands of their electorate and so to keep themselves in office, without a lot of regard for the future of the country they rule, and a whole lot of regard for their own political fortunes. But who can blame them? I do for one. When the cupboard is bare, they should be advising the people of that situation honestly and not lying to us all about how great the economy is doing and similar bolshevism.

But i digress.

The central point i want to make is that people really don’t need money to live. What they do need, desperately, is a land base near resources. That’s it. Vast tracts of land are locked up today here even in the Yukon, one of the last wildernesses left on the planet, to the point where people are forbidden to even camp for extended periods of time. This is ironic considering camping was the only option for the original inhabitants of the land, social services having not been a thing at the time.

Religion is most often faulted as the root of all world conflict and certainly factors in a lot of cases, but ultimately, the world’s greatest conflicts have been fought over land and resources, as the wealthy of the world pay the vulnerable to kill, steal and destroy while they view the developments from a safe distance, doing their cost-benefit analysis as if they were running the local saloon and not bringing about the downfall of millions for their own benefit.

I recently read, and have little reason to doubt, that often the young are recruited because they labor under a burden of student debt. Great scam, isn’t that one? Indebt a generation with promises of high incomes on completion of university, which fail to materialize, then offer them salvation through a career in the military. And the root of it all, the rope about their necks? Fiat currency. Indebtedness repayable in dollars.

And the cycle will continue until forcibly broken. One place to begin is to end your dependence on the dollar-based economy. Hunt, fish and gather, grow a garden. Acquire some meaningful skills. The more independence you find, the more enjoyment and satisfaction you will find in this crazy experience we call our lives.

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